Military auto transport

Auto Transport for Military Personnel

So you’ve been reassigned from a base in Georgia to one in North Dakota. Or you’re a military spouse toting your family of five down a few ZIP codes from Virginia to California.

At times, it makes sense to drive your car to your new destination and save on moving costs that come with a permanent change of station (PCS). But sometimes it’s logistically impossible because you need to report for duty immediately or your family owns multiple vehicles.

Luckily, car shipping is an option. The only downside? It comes at a cost.

If you choose to drive your car yourself, the military will reimburse you for mileage and some travel costs. The military will also cover the cost to ship one car if you’re doing an overseas (OCONUS) move. So if you’re moving to another continent or getting behind the wheel, you won’t have to pull from your own wallet.

But when you’re shipping your vehicle within the lower 48 or sending a second car abroad, it’ll most likely be on your own dime.

If you’re active-duty military We will knock $100 off your final bill—period.

Always Avaialable Auto Transport offers guaranteed pickup dates. And when you’re moving on the military’s timeline, exactness is everything.

Of course, delays happen, but knowing when your car will be picked up means you’ll have a better idea of when it’ll be delivered at your new base.

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