Low-ball Pricing and How to Avoid Delays

One of the most common problems in the auto transport business is the problem of low-ball pricing. Low-ball auto transport pricing is a consequence of the hyper-aggressive and competitive nature of the auto transport business. As there are over 2,500 auto transport companies out there, fighting over a small number of paying customers, small, less established companies believe that they need any edge that they can get in order to compete. As a consumer of auto transport, you need to be educated about how the process works, what constitutes a good price, and how to find a good company.

The process works like this: You submit your information for a quote, that information (generally) goes out to 5-10 different companies, they quote you/call you/book your order, and that contract is used to subcontract a driver to do the hauling. A good price is any rate that can move your vehicle. To find a good rate, all you need to do is take all of your quotes, average them, and take the company middle 3-4 rates, and then contact those companies. You should be able to get a good rate that will actually get your vehicle moved if you follow that simple method.

Beating low-ball pricing is really as simple as just following the instructions that have been laid out here. Understanding that the lowest price does NOT equal the best price will save you weeks of hassle and aggravation. Always Available Auto Transport urges you to use your new-found knowledge to empower yourself. Come get a free quote from Always Available Auto Transport today and see how we compare to the competition.

Remember to use the best — Use Always Available Auto Transport!

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