International Auto Shipping

No matter where you want to ship your vehicle, let us be your transport company!

How does it work?

Shipping your vehicle to another country it’s a two-step process, the first one it’s land transportation and the second one it’s a boat transportation. In the land transportation stage, the truck picks up your vehicle from your Pick Up location and it delivers it to the designated port (several ports are used), once the vehicle is deliver to the port, they will take good care of it and load it safely on the designated boat. In the boat transportation your vehicle is shipped from the port to the country that you desire to ship it!

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car Overseas?

The total cost to transport your vehicle may vary due to the following factors:
  • Vehicle’s Locations
  • Type of vehicle (Sedan, Suv, Pickup, Van)
  • Destination
You can provide this information in our Quote Form so you can receive an exact quote for your shipping.

Which are the steps to ship my vehicle?

  1. Fill out the Quote Form.
  2. Settle down your booking and scheduling.
  3. Gather the require documents.
Personal Identification, Vehicle Title (Original) and Creditor/Lessor notarized statement. 
  1. Complete and return the paperwork.
  2. Get your vehicle picked up.
  3. Receive your vehicle at your destination.

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