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International Car Shipping

When shipping your car from the USA to an overseas destination, choosing the right international car shipping company is important. With Always Available Auto Transport you get a knowledgeable team of international car shipping specialists and multiple shipping services including shared containers, sole use 20ft or 40ft containers, and air freight.

With over 20 years of experience, reliably transporting vehicles internationally, we make it easy for you, regardless of your vehicle’s location and final destination. We offer shipments all over the world at the best value in the industry.

There are many variables that impact the cost of shipping your car internationally; to get your international car shipping quote fill out our online form.

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How Much Does it Cost to Ship a Car Overseas?

The cost to ship your car internationally is based on three main factors:

1) Location of vehicle 2) Size/Dimensions 3) Final destination requirements

As an example, it might cost $1000 to ship a car to Europe in a shared container from the east coast, but shipping a car overseas in its own 20-foot container can cost twice that amount.

We don’t like guessing when it comes to giving you a quote for your overseas car shipment. For this reason, our representatives create custom quotes for your specific needs.

Fill our Online Quote form to get the cost of shipping your car overseas.

Why Ship Your Car Overseas With Always Available Auto Transport?

As a licensed and bonded international shipper with over 40 years of experience transporting cars worldwide, we have distinguished ourselves as one of the premier international car shippers in the USA.

If it has wheels, we can move it. It’s our passion. That’s why we offer highly competitive rates, work to continually grow our network, and find ways to make shipping cars internationally more efficient and cost-effective for our clients.

Find everything you need for car shipping from the United States with Always Available Auto Transport.

Our International Auto Shipping Services

Always Available Auto Transport

Our vehicle export process includes all of the services necessary to ship your car internationally:

  • Inland transport to warehouse closest to the departure port
  • Storage while awaiting consolidation
  • Inspection report and full dock receipt
  • US customs clearance and paperwork
  • 24/7 online tracking
  • A global network for international car shipping to over 80+ countries

Secure Vehicle Transport

Whether it is a car, truck, motorcycle, ATV, or moped, one of the most important stages of international vehicle shipping is securing the vehicle for transit. We can pick up a car from anywhere in the US and transport them to the port warehouse with the best rates for you. Our warehouse crews are professionally trained and have years of experience. Additionally, our team only uses specialized equipment when shipping vehicles. Once it arrives at one of our warehouses, a full and complete dock receipt is issued. We also take pictures of your automobile, which you can view online and use our 24/7 online tracking.

Requirements for Shipping a Car Overseas

Each country or port may require other documents, but the list below is the most common requirement when you transport your car internationally. Your Always Available Auto Transport representative will inform you if you need additional documentation. Exporting your car from the USA should be simple, as you likely have many of these listed items on hand with your vehicle.

Your Keys

When receiving the vehicle we will need to keep your keys with us. The keys are necessary to operate the vehicle and complete the loading. As you receive the vehicle, your keys are given back to you.

Title and Registration

The original title is necessary for shipping a car overseas. It is needed to get your car in and out of the ports. If you would like, you can make copies of your title to hold onto during shipping. The originals will be returned to you once you receive the car at its destination.

Registration is only necessary if a car is being driven to the port, and this is not a requirement to export the vehicle.

Creditor/Lessor notarized statement 

If the automobile is currently financed or under a lease, a notarized statement is required stating that the creditor/lessor is aware of the vehicle shipment and they give you permission to export the car. We will also need notarized copies of the title and the letter of release. Not all ports will allow car exports if the car is on a lien. 

Photo ID

You (or a designated person) will need identification to pick up the car. If you do not have a US passport, you need an EIN number instead. The EINs protect US citizens’ social security numbers and take approximately 5 min to obtain. IDs are not necessary at the beginning but have to be in before the car ships overseas. For foreign passports, we only need a copy to export the vehicle.

Country-Specific Car Export Requirements

It is important to work with Always Available Auto Transport representatives for country-specific requirements for shipping cars overseas. For some countries, you can only export used cars over a certain age. On the other hand, some countries do not allow any used car exports into their country and must be younger than a certain age. With our help, you’ll be able to confidently navigate these country-specific requirements.

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