Snow birds

Snowbird Car Transport

More than a million people migrate to Florida each year, plus all the people going to snowbird hotspots like Arizona, Texas, Nevada, and more. Many of these warm-weather seekers take advantage of snowbird car transport because they’ve discovered it makes their lifestyle less stressful and more flexible: exactly what they’re looking for in their golden years. Consider all the ways that shipping your car beats the alternatives:

  • Travel Safer – Winter weather isn’t just uncomfortable – it’s dangerous for anyone on the roads. Driving to your winter home might mean traveling on the wet and icy pavement with limited visibility. It could also mean that winter storms make some routes more dangerous, slower, or impossible to use. The point is, wintertime travel can be very risky. Instead of submitting yourself and your family to dangerous driving conditions, let an auto hauler do the driving. It makes getting to your destination a stress-free experience.
  • Travel Faster – When the temperature starts to drop and the first snowflakes fall, snowbirds get eager to take flight. Air travel gets you to your destination in a matter of hours along with all or most of your luggage. It makes your travel plans more flexible, not to mention a lot more comfortable since you don’t have to spend long hours behind the wheel. Snowbird car shipping lets you travel the way you would prefer, by air, while someone else deals with your vehicle.
  • Travel Cheaper – On top of eating up time, causing stress, and leaving you exhausted, road trips can be surprisingly expensive when you factor in all the related costs: meals, gas, lodging, wear and tear on your car, tolls, and more. Snowbird auto transport starts to look a lot more economical given how many travel costs it saves you. It’s also far less expensive than renting a car all winter.
Always Available snow bird Service

Always Available Auto Transport works with snowbirds across the country. Some follow the typical routes and others have their own unique approach to escaping the winter weather. But in all cases, they love the convenience of having their own car without having to drive it across half the country.

We carefully vet everyone we work with so that you can trust your vehicle is in good hands. We also work hard to make every step of the process quick, easy, and stress-free for you. That’s how we’ve become the preferred choice for snowbirds who ship cars regularly.

We invite you to learn more about us and explore the various shipping services we offer. And if you have questions or need more information about anything, please contact our friendly team.

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